Department of Molecular Cancerogenesis was formed in February, 2005
as a part of a new Chair of Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology.
Research of the Department of Molecular Cancerogenesis focus on molecular basis of changes in cell phenotype during process of cancerogenesis. Our major emphasis has been to characterize the involvement of a new tumor suppressor gene WWOX  in tumorigenesis, tumor progression and metastasis.
We are using Real-time RT-PCR, microarrays and cell culture to identify gene expression patterns associated with changes in WWOX expression level.
Our primary focus is on breast cancer.
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Medical University of Lodz
Chair of Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology
Department of Molecular Cancerogenesis
Mazowiecka St. 6/8
92-215 Lodz, Poland
Tel./Fax. (48 42) 678 24 65
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